Paper Plane

Introducing The Display Talkers from Capture Local. Shelf Talker. Table Talker. Ad Talker. And POP Talker. Innovative advertising and marketing technology guaranteed to breathe new life into your In-store Ad Messages. By talking directly to your shoppers.

Bring your printed product displays to life with a 30 second audio message that speaks directly to your customers at the moment they want to learn more about your product. Sell with sound to create a richer, more engaging in-store selling environment.

Whether your printed display is on a table, a sales counter or part of a large pop-up display in the store, Capture Local’s Talker Technology will deliver a 30 second, custom message about your product. We can even record your message in multiple languages so you can micro target virtually any audience.
Our display talkers will become your best point of purchase salesperson and dramatically improve sell-through. It’s the future of POP advertising and marketing.

To learn more and to try our display talker technology, contact Tony Burke, 443-718-9541 or

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